Motivation Monday

by Alejandra

We’ve been in KL, Malaysia, for a week now and we really love it so far. Although sick the past days, we have still had the chance to see all the mayor highlights, and most importantly, eat our hearts out!

Arriving in this country, has made us eager to travel again, and we can’t wait to see more of what the country has to offer.

So here is to getting inspired on Motivation Monday, in whichever form it may be..

  1. Whenever we listen to this song by John Butler, we instantly get road trip vibes! Just put your headphones on and imagine yourself cruising along, looking at the sunset.. 
  2. I’ve been reading PostSecret for years now. I love that every Sunday I get to see into people’s minds and reflect on how we are all going through our own story. 
  3. Being a very visual person, I love everything related to design. The Netflix series ‘Abstract:the art of design‘ is a great way of getting a behind the scenes view into the life of different creatives. Understanding better how others view the world and work to create their own form of art, makes me want to develop my creative side. My favourite episodes are probably 6, 7 and 8, with a slight inclination for the interior design one just because I’m obsessed with how transformative a space can be if thought through correctly. 
  4. Konsta Punkka is one of my favourite photographers! From the squirrel portraits that made me follow him on IG, to his stunning landscapes, his work is mind-blowing. 
  5. The reasons for motivation and how it can be triggered, is something I have been pondering on lately. I feel like I need to understand better how it works, to motivate myself and to help others. So here starts my research, with this interesting Ted talk by Dan Pink. 

Are you inspired by the some of same things that trigger my motivation? Let us know what you think. And also check out our other Motivation Monday posts.



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1 comment

Lila September 17, 2018 - 8:03 pm

Qué bueno! Sugerencias! Las otras las disfruté un montón, voy a por estas


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